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Shelli A. Cook,



Certified Member of the

American Speech-Language Hearing Association

Assessments and  Services Include These Areas:

Receptive Language

Language involves receptive and expressive language abilities and is used in countless daily tasks and interactions with others. Receptive language can be described as the ability to understand what has been said, relate it to already learned information, and formulate ideas. We use receptive language to understand directions, comprehend what we read, interpret body language, and much more.

Expressive Language

Expressive language describes the ability to express ones thoughts and ideas. The use of vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, and pragmatics are some of the many aspects of expressive communication. Gestures, sign language, body language, and picture exchange communication are some nonverbal ways to expressively communicate with others.

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Member of the Nebraska Speech-Language Hearing Association




 NCHEA Homeschool Conference and Curriculum Fair!  Hope to see you there!!

Recorded trainings and webinars available upon request!

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