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SPEECH and LANGUAGE THERAPY Cancellation Policy:

NOTE: Insurance-bast patients: A 24-hour notification is required for cancellation of

a therapy session.   If rescheduling for that week is  not feasible, a $35 charge will be given.

 Private pay:

 Dyslexia, reading, and writing services - 


TELETHERAPY:  We come to you!  Please consult with therapist for guidelines for appropriate, considerate, age-appropriate patient behavior for therapy sessions.  Parental intervention for age/ability level, as well as technical support is expected, as needed, for desired progress to be made.

MUMM than planned a; changees not the gbinninUM  of 2x/ week, will be due atPrivate Pay & Out-of-Network Billing Options

Out-of-Network Insurance Carriers

If we are out-of-network with your insurance company, full payment of service is due the day of service.  We will submit a claim on your behalf as a courtesy.  Depending on your insurance plan, out-of-network benefits may be payable after your deductible is met. Some carriers will reimburse you directly, while others will reimburse the clinic.  If the clinic is reimbursed the amount will be credited to your account and future payments for services will be adjusted accordingly.  Written reports will be provided upon request from your insurance company as needed. 

Private Pay Speech-Language Therapy

Initial Evaluation Fee is $500.00 if parents intend to receive follow up services if the child qualifies.  Those needing an evaluation only, without intent to be served by Shelli's Speech, Language, & Reading, will be charged an evaluation fee of $550. The initial evaluation fee includes an evaluation and a written report. Note that a consultation without the patient present the majority of the time is not covered by insurance.  Private pay Speech-Language therapy treatment sessions are discounted to $90.00 per hour, and Half Hour Discount Price is $45.00 per session.  Structured Literacy-only therapy is discounted to $75 per session.  Two-three sessions/week, plus home assignments, are required for dyslexia-based services.  Additional services provided include attending an IEP meeting ($125.00) and performing school observations, consultation or home observations for up to 1½ hours ($150.00). All payments are due at time of billing.

Please note we may not be able to work with some policies (in-network or out-of-network) that use substantially lower than market standards as 'payment' for services.  Please be aware of deductible and co-pays, and of need to make payments for any amounts not paid by your insurance, should it not cover any sessions.





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